Monday, May 30, 2011

world, say hello to my very first post.

i’m courtney. and i’m in love with a boy.

Sometimes I forget we’re dating because he’s not only my lover but also my best friend. We get in heated discussions about politics, or talking about if I really know what I’m doing going after my business degree on this side of the mountains when the some university, or how why the hell alcohol is still legal after all these centuries and marijuana isn’t? Sometimes I surprise him by scare-attacking him from behind and jumping on his back in hopes for a generously-offered piggyback ride, but one time he wasn’t expecting it and we both ended up on the floor in a hot mess. I thought it’d be cute; sorry, babe. The only place I imagined myself at this point of my life was drinking more than studied, dominating the party every weekend like I had the past few years, but I’m here instead and I couldn’t be happier. Sometimes he makes me so laugh so hard that I can’t breathe, and then my eyes get all watery and my tummy muscles get all worked out, and I fall in love with him all over again. Sometimes he pretends like he’s actually funny and has good jokes, and sometimes he really does. When we’ve rough weeks and life’s just walked all over us and then rolled us back in the dirt, we run into each others’ arms by Friday afternoon with one thing and one thing only on our mind: a Nickney-trademark afternoon. (Copyrighted 2011, don’t touch our shit!) By definition, it involves a nice, relaxing smoke sesh where the one of us with smaller lungs (not naming names) almost dies of coughing and smoke inhalation, and then we subconsciously choose to be the laziest we possibly and physically can be until the clock strikes about 11 o’clock that night, and then we realize just how loud our tummies are rumbling and just how many horses we feel like we could eat right then. Does anything even get any better than locking ourselves in our bedroom for hours on end, hiding out from the rest of the world and getting lost in ourselves? We watch movie after movie after movie and… naptime amidst the love-making is always a requirement. The most demanding physical activity we get in our day is when we’re frantically searching for one of our car keys so we can make a late night pizza run into town, it’s great, really. Just another day in the life is what I say. Stoner potential, what’s up.

Fact: these are the kind of days I’ll look back upon with the best memories of. We don’t always have to take adventures into the city, or make classy reservations at a restaurant and pay $1300 for dinner, or spend the day at the zoo or meet up at Starbucks. Just being together is enough. Everything is always better together.

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