our story

the storybook version, as told by C.

Once upon a time there was a princess who spent her days living, laughing, partying, socializing, inspiring, creating, doing and believing. But she knew there was something more. She looked high and low for her prince year after year but where in the world was he if he really existed? Then one late summer night she was dragged downtown for a best-friend-set-up blind date, thinking it would be just another innocent night out on the town. Boy, was she wrong. After a fancy dinner, hours of throwing impressive game of smooth lines and sweet rhymes at each other, and bottomless bottles of champagne, it had hit me like a lightening bolt. Where did this boy come from with such refreshingly original spunk and irresistible charm? He was the only who could ever keep up with my sass and my spice, and I liked it. This one fit my description of my dream man to a tee, down to the freckles on his nose and his contagious little-boy energy I just couldn’t say no to. I had never been so certain of something in my entire life, not never ever, ever. This was the one; he was it. It was at that very moment in which he scored himself the Prince Charming nickname in my book, as well as the moment we opened to the first blank page and began our chapter one together.

That was then. This is now. Going on two years later, and I still get butterflies in my stomach when I glance at him from across the room like the giddy first love feeling. My heart still skips a beat in the seconds leading up to seeing him. He still picks me up and spins me around when I come running and jumping into his arms, as if I were five years old all over again. Not a day goes by without wondering where I’d be right now if that night long, long ago had never happened and we had never met. I’m just another fish in the sea who once was lost but now am found, and loved unconditionally by the man of my dreams. I’m just a girl with a schoolgirl crush on a boy, a princess who wished on the right shooting star and found her prince earlier on in life than most. Soon enough, I’ll fall asleep in his arms every night and wake up to my favorite face in the world smiling back at me and I‘ll realize that there’s a good chance that I am very much so the luckiest girl in the world.

We laugh a lot, we love deeply, and we try our bestests to enjoy every moment.
It’s a beautiful love.
And it’s a beautiful life.

prince: cocktailer. city sports bar entrepreneaur. loves homecooked. covers stealer. anti-sports fan. night owl. proud sailboat owner.
princess: part-time server and student, full-time fashionista. sunshineaholic. wannabe ballerina. Weeds enthusiast. future trophy wife.
both majoring in business. addicted to chelsea handler. & coffee.