Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I'm on a strict sunshine + love + coffee diet

Just when I’m convinced he - this - couldn’t any more perfect than it already is, the little love fairies whirl around their wands and sprinkle their magic and bam! I’m more in love with him than I was yesterday, and I never knew that was possible.

Conveniently enough we were both on campus (him, big fancy university and me, lame community college aspiring big fancy university student) and after our class/group meetings were over and done with for the day, we decided to put our worries aside and enjoy the lovely and sunshiney afternoon.

N is very proud of his hometown and where he grew up and I fall even more in love with him every time he takes me around the neighborhood, because he gets all happy and reminiscent and good-ol’-memories-esque and I can’t help but smile when you can tell he’s so at home. Literally. We got our midday grub at this little local bookstore set up like a food court in the mall, except classier and fresher-smelling. And sushi/Japanese udon it was, om nom nom. With full bellies, 5 o’clock coffee fix in hand and cinnamon rolls bigger than my head in our doggy bags to take home for dinner, probably, we rolled right outta there. And went to the park. And strolled around the lakefront and loved every minute of the pretty sunshiney day had to offer.

Because that’s what we do when we find time amidst our crazy busy weeks, even if it’s just an hour or two. We cherish it. After we went our separate ways, the perfectly-content endorphins all up in me wouldn’t go away and I realized how even a look or a smile or a quite bite between our go go go do this do that school work sleep eat poop school work school school lifestyles was that extra oomph I always need in my day, that reminder that if I just keep going and working hard, it’ll all pay off in the end. With a sexy hubby, successful career and beautiful life as my reward. See, I’ve never been the best at math, because two plus two very well might equal five and yet he is the answer to everything I’ve ever wanted, I’ve ever needed, and I’ve ever dreamed of.

Have I mentioned I was in the world’s worst mood when I woke up this morning?
Yeah, he’s that good.

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